The LIFE power circle – Holistic fitness for top performers


The LIFE power circle – Holistic fitness for top performers

The LIFE power circle - Holistic fitness for top performersThe history (origins) of the LIFE power circle

The concept is based on the Asian forms of Do-In, Chi Gung (Qi Gong), T’ai Chi, yoga, the 8 treasures and Shaolin Tong Zi Gong. These traditional techniques have been adapted to the needs of modern society.

In 1997, this resulted in Business Chi Gong and the original LIFE power circle, which you, too, can quickly learn and implement. This will enable you to achieve the highest benefit and maximum success.

The LIFE power circle is therefore based on a very old art, which was still a closely guarded secret some 40 years ago. The LIFE power circle is the art of creating energy.

Where do we get our life energy from? Obviously from the air we breathe and the food we eat. Practising the LIFE power circle significantly increases our energy levels, thus allowing us to make more of our lives.

Through the LIFE power circle, you can enhance your health, build inner strength and train your mind. With the eight power circle exercises, you can happily work from morning until evening and still have energy to enjoy the evening with your family or friends.

The LIFE power circle will help you to achieve an astounding performance.

This has nothing to with flimflammery. People have been benefiting from the positive effects of Do-In, Chi Gung (Qi Gong), T’ai Chi and yoga for centuries.

Previously, however, this art was practised only by a relatively small circle of insiders. Nevertheless, with the help of the LIFE power circle, you too can gain new business and life energy.

We wish you all the best for a happy, healthy life.

Bernd Scherer and Christine Wolf

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